Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Dress - Continued

Let me start off by saying that I know that a certain "big box" bridal store works for women everywhere. Some of my closest girlfriends have purchased perfectly lovely dresses there at great prices. Now, I can also tell you that it is not, let me repeat, not for me.

After adjusting my price range (slightly) higher, I decided I should give them a chance, especially since they were having one of their famous $99 sales. I called up my girlfriend Mrs. G, set an appointment and off we went!

This next part is important: I do NOT like feeling like I'm part of a cattle drive. Unfortunately, on that day, at that location, that is exactly how I felt.

As requested, we arrived about 10 mins early for the appointment to allow time to "register." We were asked to look around on our own while waiting for our consultant. 15 mins into the appointment time we were still pulling dresses on our own. In the meantime I can hear other brides-to-be checking in and being assigned to the same consultant that had been assigned to me.

When my consultant came to bring us back to the dressing room it was clear that she had been over booked. I counted at least five brides (including me) that she was assisting at the same time. I felt so bad for her! It was clear that she had too much on her plate. She offered to get me a petticoat to try with the dresses that I had pulled. With my girlfriend's help I had tried on six dresses before she came back 20 mins later.

All in all it was not a good experience. I tried on about 12 dresses that were in my price range. I did not like a single one. It was the first time that I felt limited by my budget. The consultant did pull two dresses for me (both out of my budget) that were slightly, but not much, better.

I left there tired and feeling defeated. Dress shopping had become un-fun. I didn't even know that was possible!

What was your dress shopping experience like? Was it what you expected?

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