Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Menu Choices

One of my close girlfriends asked me this past weekend if we had settled on our menu choices.  We have, kind of.  Right now, for budgetary reasons, we have selected the base menu for our venue.  We're hoping to be able to squeeze a little more savings in, and will hopefully be able to upgrade.

We love the food at our venue, so either way it will be great!  

One way we're saving more is buying gift cards for our venue at Costco at 20% off.  How awesome is that!  I just happened to be there this last weekend (getting Christmas stuff!) and saw that they had them.  I called Mr. T on the way home; he was just as excited as I was!

What are you having for your wedding?  Did you make your menu selections based off of cost, love of the food, or both?

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