Sunday, February 6, 2011

Working Out - Yuck!

For some reason, I feel the need to get into shape before the wedding.  Let me be specific: I am not trying to loose any weight - just firm up the jiggly parts.

I do not hate many things; I can say, honestly, that working out is one of them.  I do not like to sweat, I do not feel better after working out, I do not get a "runner's high", and yes, I am that person who will circle a parking lot until a spot opens up close to the store.  I do not like working out.

Now, two months before the wedding I have decided that I need to get toned.  Partly because I don't want stick arms or flapping arms showing as I walk down the aisle in my strapless dress.  Partly because we are going somewhere beachy for our honeymoon (more on that later!), and I want to wear my "good" bathing suit.

I'm using an old Cindy Crawford workout DVD I already own for 30 days (trying for every other day!) and then I want to try P90X.  I have a feeling that I will stick with Cindy. :-)

What, if any, workout are you doing to get/stay in shape?

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