Monday, February 7, 2011

Wording, Wording, and More Wording

Have you figured out the wording for your invites yet?  Perhaps your printer had some ideas? 

Mr. T and I decided to go with an invitation kit that we fell in love with.  And the winner was: Gartner Studios Brown & Ivory Damask Invitation Suite!  We will have our trusty local Kinko's print them for us, avoiding lots of swearing on my part, and kicking (also on my part) of my cheap home printer. 

We have the invite kits all in hand, now all we need to do is finalize the wording and layout.  Tonight we will go over the many options, and hopefully, make our selections for the invite, RSVP, and informational inserts.

Did you order your invites printed, or did you DIY them?  Did you go with traditional or modern invitation wording? 

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