Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Loving Budget

How many of you had any idea how much money a wedding would cost, let alone how it would be paid for before your engagement?  I really lucked out in that I had experience with event planning.  Without that prior experience I would have been lost!

Let me be the first to admit that I have platinum taste with a bronze budget.  We ruffed out a basic budget, using my favorite program ever, Excel!  Like a lot of couples out there we are paying for the majority of the wedding ourselves.  In fact, until my Mom asked what our budget was, we thought we would be paying for all of it on our own.  Even with the amount my family is pitching in, we have, what I like to call (thanks to watching Battle of the Wedding Designers on TLC!) our "Loving Budget," of $8,000.

I knew I would need to do a LOT of DIY and coupon cutting to make this happen.  This made me really think outside the box for everything from venue to centerpieces, my dress to our photography.

I can't wait to share some ideas that I found along the way!

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