Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Guest Count

I am a planner.  I come by it honestly, as my mother is a planner, the same as her mother before her. As soon as I said yes (okay, maybe a little before then! ;-)) I was in full planning mode!

I already had a guest list started; we were at 144 people before he sat down with me to go over the list to make sure I hadn't missed anyone.  Now, with our budget, we were under the impression that we should lower our guest count to the point that we would have about 100 attendees.  We thought that this would not be a problem.  We were wrong!

By the time everything was said and done (major cuts had been made!) our guest count settled at 185 people!  With this count we are figuring that we will end up with approximately 150 guests.  And yes, I did use my spreadsheet to track who I thought would come for sure, who was a maybe, and who we knew would not be able to make it.

This made us completely re-think our entire wedding plan (more on that later!).

How many of you had your guest count go up instead of down when you actually sat down and wrote you full guest list out?

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