Thursday, November 18, 2010

Centerpiece Ideas

Being on a "Loving Budget" means tons of DIY!

I know I want to go with a muted ivory/cream pallet for my centerpieces and aisle decor.  This means that I can really play up our colors in unique ways.  I already have most of the vases I need for my 23 tables (yes you read that right, 23 tables), thanks to a friend of mine who got married in May of 2010.  For her wedding we simply wrapped a red ribbon around the top of each vase to tie into her romantic, Spanish theme.  You can see our inspiration on the top, and our results on the bottom.

I know that my centerpieces will not be as dramatic as hers.  I am going for a more modern look.  

I will not be using the taller centerpieces as my tables are smaller.  I plan on using the shorter vases, in varying heights.  To change the look of the vases I am considering two different techniques.  The first would be to wrap the vases entirely in cloth.  The second would be to wrap each vase with a single band, or a layered band of ribbon.  Let me know which you like better!

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