Friday, May 20, 2011

Ulalena Theater Show - An Evening to Remember

Simply put, you will be swept away, through the beat of the drums, original songs, and the stories told through dance and performance.  This award winning show is not to be missed!

Prepare to be amazed, and entranced by characters including Pele, the Volcano Goddess, Hina, the Moon Goddess, MO'O, the Lizard God, and Maui, the Trickster God, as they take you through the ancient stories of the creation of Maui.

From the moment the drumming began, we were transported to an artistic world, where myth and legend unfolded before us through amazing acrobatics, dance and song.  This show was truly the unique experience we were looking for; we truly enjoyed every moment! 

It is one of Maui's "must sees!"  You will never look at the stories of the creation of Hawaii in the same way.

For reservations:
Visit: Ulalena Theater Show
Toll Free: 877-688-4800

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