Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today Is The Day

Today is the day that we find out  if we can shorten my wedding dress, or if I am back to looking for a new one.

Here's a little background for those of you who are new to my site.  Several months ago I found a beautiful Justin Alexander dress, that was a sample and fit me perfectly, with the exception of it being slightly too long.  We (the consultant, my friend Mrs. S, and myself) were all sure that with the right petticoat and the right shoes the dress length would be perfect.

Well, I tried on the dress with everything last Wednesday, only to discover that it was still much too long.  Because of the way the dress is constructed I am concerned about what the costs will be to have it altered.  I have an appointment at lunchtime today to get an estimate; if it is too much than I am back to trying to find a sample dress, in my size, with less than a month to go. 

I will keep you all posted.  Wish me luck!