Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Soaring Over Maui

Can you imagine soaring through the valleys and along the coastline of Hawaii?  Perhaps hovering over a waterfall, all in a helicopter?

Before 2007 I would have told you that you were crazy to even suggest I get into helicopter, for anything, let alone for an aerial tour.  Then I took a cruise to Alaska.  There, I decided to put my fears aside and take an "once in a life time" tour that included flying over grasslands and glaciers.  The flight ultimately landed on a high elevation glacier, where we got to hike around before flying back to Skagway.

What an experience!  The overall experience was not what I was expecting.  It really felt as though we were floating, and then cutting through the air.  It was simply amazing! 

By taking the helicopter flight, I got to see places that I never would seen any other way.  The photos that I took from the air and on the glacier still "wow" me to this day!

We hope that we will get the chance to do a helicopter tour of the island during our honeymoon trip.  What better way to see the entire beauty of the island of Maui than by helicopter?

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