Thursday, February 3, 2011

Floral Fiesta

Many brides are empowering themselves by taking on DIY projects.  Some because they love the challenge, some because they are crafty, and some for budgetary reasons (like me!).

If you have decided to go DIY for your wedding floral, the question becomes, where to begin!

  • Create a Concept
    • Google Images is your friend!  If you are unsure of what you are looking for, type in "wedding floral" into Google, click Images, and then select a color to start your search.  The possibilities are endless!
    • Look through wedding magazines and start your own "look book" of ideas you like.
  • Do Your Research
    • Youtube is a great resource.  Search for DIY wedding bouquets and centerpieces (see below for an example video).
    • Look-up what flowers will be in-season around your wedding date for cost cutting!  Nothing is worse than falling in love with a flower and finding out that it is triple the cost because it is out of season.
    • Try out  your concepts on Designed by The Bride, which allows you to create virtual bouquets, centerpieces, and cakes.
  • Decide Where to Buy 
    • There are several options when it comes to purchasing your own fresh floral.  
      • You can purchase directly from a florist.  Some florists will work with you, allowing you to use their tools/shop to create your arrangements.
      • You can purchase wholesale locally.  This is more cost effective than purchasing from your local florist.  It can be a little overwhelming if you've never been in a flower market before.  If your town does not have a flower market, search online for "wholesale florist" in your area.
      • You can purchase wholesale online.  This is my favorite option!  There are plenty of online wholesale florists, including my personal favorite, Global Rose.  I have used Global Rose many times and can highly recommend them for both their quality and pricing!
    •  Get the proper tools.
      • Craft stores are a great place to get the floral tools and supplies you will need to make your own arrangements.  Remember! Always check for coupons!
      • Buying your supplies online, from a supplier like Save-On-Crafts, is a great way to save money.  They will also have items you cannot find in your local craft store.
  • Get Your Team Together!
    • You don't want to do this alone.  Ask around; you will be surprised how many of your girlfriends have experience with DIY floral.
    • Have pictures of sample arrangements and instructions printed for your team to use.
    • Order pizza and block out at least a half a day (time needed dependent on the total number of arrangements.
  • Remember To Have Fun!

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