Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yellow Color Inspiration

I ran into another future Mrs. at my hair appointment the other day and was inspired! 

She loves bright yellow, but didn't want to go too country or tropical.  Look at the great color inspiration boards I found!  It's hard for me to pick a favorite, as I like each for a different reason.

The Lovin' Lemons look is close to my heart because I love lemons!  One of our cake layers is a white cake with lemon filling; delicious! 

Classic Gold is just beautiful. I love everything about it.  Don't you just love the bridesmaid dresses?  It's country done right.

And last, but not least, Modern Sophistication.  I really like how the decor is a mixture of traditional and non-traditional.  The bright yellow really packs a punch against black and white decor, without clashing.  Gorgeous!

Lovin' Lemons

Classic Gold

Modern Sophistication

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