Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And the Oklahoma Family.....

I had lunch today with one of my favorite people, the Future Mrs. R., AKA, "The Recessionista Bride."  I love getting together with her to have "wedding talk!"  She finds the best deals.  Who else could find nine pairs of shoes for under $40; that's total, not each, people! (Payless, with coupons, on a sale day).

She is currently having the same dilemma that I am with guest count.  We both only sent invites to family and close family friends.  We were both hoping that we would have 125(max!) be able to attend; we're both now expecting 150+.

If you're like me, you have everyone listed in Excel.  I had gone through the list and marked those I thought would or would not attend.  My initial count was 152.  It is now up to 163 based on changes I have made after people called when they received their Save the Date cards.  Ack!!!!

The Future Mrs. R has the same issue.  The latest unexpected RSVP's are her family members from Oklahoma, whom she thought would not attend at all!

Any other Future Mrs. out there having the same issue?

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  1. I'm hoping the people I expect not to show really don't show. In any case I budgeted for 200 just in case. I really want it to be about 150 though.