Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses

I am constantly amazed at the wide variety and selection when it comes to bridesmaid dresses!

I am only having one attendant, my future sister-in-law, stand up with me.  I was not picky when it came to her choosing.  In fact, she helped me select colors for the wedding!  She has been great about everything!  I asked her what color dress she'd like to wear; she picked chocolate brown. 

Based off her color choice and Mr. Tucker's input we are going with ivory, chocolate brown and moss green (more on color choices later!).

My future sister-in-law was hesitant to pick any dress without me okaying it.  I think she thought I would say I liked what she selected even if I didn't.  That is not the case; it's just an item that I do not have a strong opinion on :-)

Her search began!

There are so many choices out there!  It can be overwhelming.

One neat idea is the "convertible dress."  Two Birds carries collections made famous by My Fair WeddingSpiegel carries a more affordable option, called Versatile Convertible Dress, with less color selections.  Which one would you rather see going up the aisle?

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